Sarah Wickstrom, originally from Colorado, she has been in the North West since 2005 and now lives in Washougal, Washington with her husband, dogs, goats, ducks, geese, and cat.

Sarah decided to study Traditional Chinese Medicine because she realized that change needed to happen in the world and that it wouldn’t manifest from people that were in pain or poor health. After finding long awaited relief from her migraines with acupuncture, Sarah decided to learn more about this amazing medicine and attended the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM). Sarah graduated in 2012, the same year OCOM received an award for the best school in the nation. After school, Sarah volunteered for the Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal for 2 months – meeting incredible people and gaining hard and fast experience. Immediately after returning from Nepal, she was fortunate enough to work over 5 years under acupuncturists with over 20 years of experience allowing her to learn from their vast knowledge and experience.

During her practice, she developed a love for treating all types of pain, neuropathies, and endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism and diabetes, which run in her family – Sarah’s background is mainly Irish on her mother’s side and on her father’s side – Tlinget, Haida in the Raven Clan. As well as known traditionally for bringing light to the world, Raven’s are known to be healers. Like the logo represents, health is found when balance between opposing forces is found. Depending on your needs, she utilizes acupuncture, tuina massage, cupping, and/or Chinese herbal formulas that stimulate and balance your innate healing systems.